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NARI Past Presidents

The strength of our Chapter is determined largely by the volunteer leaders that listen to the wants and needs of the membership and then determine strategies and tactics to be addressed by their Board of Directors to make those goals a reality. Here is a list of our Past Presidents.

2018 Scott Hochuli

2017 Scott Hochuli

2016 Steve Shinn CR CKBR UDCP GCP

2015 Steve Shinn CR CKBR UDCP GCP

2014 Donny Fargo, CRS

2013 Donny Fargo, CRS

2012 Steve Lenzmeier

2011 Steve Shinn CR CKBR UDCP GCP

2010 Julie Cook

2009 Brian Puglisi CR

2008 Gary Wheat CAPS CR

2007 Ivan Kolesik Jr.

2006 Patrick Benkowski CR

2005 Jerry Corell

2004 Wayne Minde CR

2003 Todd Lieb

2002 Tom Sertich CAPS CR

2001 Fred Warren CAPS CR

2000 Richard Vaugier CR

1999 Mark Dixon CR

1998 Chip Rodgers CR

1997 Wayne Unruh CR

1996 James "Marty" Martin CR

1995 Kyle King

1994 Barry Flemming CKBR CR

1993 Mike Call CR

1992 Chip Marvin, CR

1991 Jeff Shapiro

1990 Les Rodgers CR


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